Your dress is not really yours until it has been tailored to your body and style. Shortening a hem, taking in the sides, shaping the waist - there are many things that we can do to enhance your dress and have it feeling just right.

We can make your dress your own by creating the perfect fit.

The fitting and adjustments process usually takes a number of sessions, typically over a 6-8 week period. It is quite common for our clients to feel unsure or nervous about getting started, but most people start to relax quickly after the first consultation together. We really do everything we can to maintain a calm, friendly environment and have a large, private fitting room where you can get changed and get excited as you see things start to take shape in the mirror!

Our final prices will all depend on a few different factors, particularly with Bridal and Occasion wear which can vary substantially. We can typically give you an exact price following a successful fitting, and we have a good idea of how much work will be required.

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“Each of the girls looked and felt amazing and beautiful. We had some nervous bridesmaids but you made them feel wonderful.”

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Below you will find a starting price guide for our most frequent alteration services.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have something that needs doing not on this list!

Bridal Dresses

Take in/out through zip from £95.00
Take in/out on bodice (plain) from £85.00
Take in/out on bodice (detailed) from £95.00
Take in/out skirt from £55.00
Shorten straps/sleeves from £25.00
Shorten hem (plain) from £95.00
Shorten hem (detailed) from £150.00
Reshape neckline and underarms from £35.00
Bustle ribbons (1 set/ 3 sets) £15.00 - £45.00
Narrow sleeves from £30.00
Make cap sleeves from £95.00
Add bust cups from £35.00
Change zip to lacing up from £95.00
Make a bolero/jacket from £175.00
Make a sash from £45.00
Remodelling POA
Hoop underskirts from £35.00
Wedding dress bag from £20.00

Formal Dresses

Sides in/out from £30.00
Take in/out back through zip from £45.00
Hem from £35.00
Straps from £20.00
Taperskirt from £30.00
Lift shoulders from £25.00
Sleeves shorten from £15.00

Skirts & Dresses

Waist altered from £20.00
Take in side seams from £25.00
Hem - shorten from £25.00


Add darts from £10.00
Shorten sleeves from £15.00
Hem - shorten from £15.00

Jackets & Coats

Suit sleeves shortened from £35.00
Shortened from top from £55.00
Suit sleeves lengthened from £35.00
Take in chest from £35.00
Narrow shoulders from £35.00
Coats shortened from £40.00
Jackets shortened from £30.00
Waistcoat take in from £30.00


Shortened (plain) from £15.00
Shortened (turn-ups) from £20.00
Lengthened (plain) from £15.00
Lengthened (turn-ups) from £20.00
With tape + £2.00
Taper from £25.00
Waist altered from £20.00


Original hem shortened from £20.00
Shortened (plain) from £15.00
Taper from £25.00
Waist altered from £25.00



“Olivia, thank you for your first class service and putting in all the time & effort in sorting out our uniforms, wedding dress & outfits for us, plus putting up with all our last minute wardrobe malfunctions! I would thoroughly recommend your services.”

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